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This page will hopefully keep you up to date with the latest news regarding all things Dementia oriented.  They will appear in date order with the newest items first.

Dementia: New Alzheimer's drug 'could slow rate at which disease progresses'  Scientists believe they could be on the cusp of a breakthrough, after a drugs company said it had the first treatment of its kind for Alzheimer's.  Read more...

Why should I stop working just because I have dementia?  It's not unusual for people of working age to be diagnosed with dementia.  Many are perfectly capable of carrying on for years - but employers often don't realise it.  Read more... - BBC

Telephone package for Dementia sufferers.  Simply Telecommunications Ltd has introduced a phone package that stops people with dementia from inadvertently running up huge phone bills by dialling wrong numbers.  Particularly premium rate numbers.  Read more...

Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure. - BBC

Thousands of young dementia sufferers 'undiagnosed'. - BBC

How virtual reality is helping people with dementia. - BBC

New type of dementia identified. - BBC

'There was no hope': Treatable disease often mistaken for Alzheimer's. - BBC

Dementia app aims to spark chats about the disease. - BBC

Automated NHS system wrongly fines dementia sufferers seeking dental treatment. - BBC

JMS Contractors dig deep for Rotary Club's Admiral Nurses project.

Dementia rates 'higher near busy roads'. - BBC

Dementia now leading cause of death. - BBC

One-third of British people born in 2015 'will develop dementia'. - The Guardian

Early signs that drug 'may delay Alzheimer's decline'. - BBC