Mini Memory Box Packs

Mini Memory Boxes are a shoebox sized box and include a memory pack of your choice at a cost of £12 each.  Additional memory packs may be purchased at a cost of £5 per pack.  All the content materials are fully laminated for ease of cleaning and durability.  Below are details of the 'Mini Memory Packs' we have available.  Each one covers a specific decade or topic area.  Boxes and packs may be ordered using this order form.


A Ration Book (1951-52), Timothy Whites Brochure, Superb gift guide for a 1950s, A collection of household bills, including illustrated gas bills with practical tips for a looming fuel crisis, Housework: Various ephemera relating to familiar and not so familiar products for keeping the 1950's house spick-and-span.  TV and Radio Sales pamphlet for the 'Ambassador T.V.'  Belling brochure illustrating state of the art heaters and cookers for 1956.  Black and Greens Tea 'Save the labels'.  Miscellaneous advertising images.  A colourful collection of household images to capture the mood and taste of 1950s Britain.


Back to school: School ephemera including a Child's essay, school report and hotchpotch of 1960's leaflets.  Topping Santa's list is Action Man the 'moveable fighting man', with his vast range of accessories as well as Sindy's bazaar, Concert tickets, flyers, catalogues and bubble gum cards.

Children's War

Iconic Child's Evacuee name tag, Newspaper from 1941, Ministry of Food War Cooking Leaflet, Ministry of Food Junior Ration Book, Boys Own Paper (Christmas 1944), Public Information Leaflet: Evacuation, School Essay, posters. Paperwork: Visitors record form, City of Lincoln babies anti-gas helmet request, A Collection of Cigarette Cards, Pantomime tickets, postcards.


The Blitz Pack a collection of replica documents and information.  Contained in the pack are: After the Raid Leaflet, Air Attack ticket, Cooking after a Blitz leaflet, Fire precaution leaflet, Body Tag, ARP Booklet, Air Raid Letter, General Advice Leaflet.

Women's War

Wartime Recipes, A Women's Place pamphlet 'Everything you need to know about the ATS'.   ABC of the ATS Woman's Land Army flyer, synonymous with the war effort, the "Land Girls" were vital to food production.  Life in the WRNS; Fabulous booklet on life at sea, possibly through rose tinted spectacles. 'Loneliness and homesickness cannot live in such conditions'.  Home Companion Magazine (16pp) January 1940 edition, a great wartime read, packed with adverts, cooking, beauty and fashion tips - aAll for just 2d! W.A.A.F Leaflet Information.  Letter and Personal Ephemera.  A unique glimpse of wartime Britain in the words of a nurse.  Miscellaneous Images: A hotchpotch of evocative images from the Woman's war effort.

Home Guard

Includes: Home Guard Flyer, a rare recruitment flyer, whipping up the locals into a frenzy with statements such as "Smash Germans in Chislehurst", Officers Mess Rule Book: Fascinating insight into the etiquette of the 37th Warwickshire Battalion Home Guard, Home Guard Training Booklet (1940), Information Circulars: Detailed guidelines from the War Office on the duties given to "older men" and reminders that drivers carrying explosives should not smoke.  Armistice Night Concert (1943): The Bournemouth Home Guard put on a fine show at the Pavilion, Miscellaneous Papers: Correspondence regarding railway property being used for Home Guard accommodation, along with a message from the King in recognition of Home Guard efforts.  Miscellaneous images and cards.

Vintage Gardening

Lawnmower brochures, Amateur Gardening newspaper, Kilzall pesticide flyer, Garden furniture brochure, Woolworth's Gardener booklet, miscellaneous ephemera and trade cards.

Golden Age of Motoring

Road Users Guide: Lovely 1930s guide crammed full with useful advice on routes, lighting up times and often hilarious signals involving whips.  Legal Stuff: Early driving licence, along with 1950's tax disc and petrol coupons.  Autocar from 1938: Extracts from autocar, ephemera including decorative invoice from a garage, booklet emphasising etiquette on the road.   School of Motoring: Pamphlet advertising driving lessons for 8 hours costing just £5.  A hotchpotch of colourful postcard sized images from the halcyon days of motoring.   Cigarette Cards: A Colourful collection of cigarette cards from a bygone age, including some famous and not so famous motor cars.

Wish you were Here

British Seaside Holidays of the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s - The pack includes: - By Coach to the Seaside - A story booklet (c. 1960s) told through the eyes of a child travelling to a seaside holiday by bus.  Prestatyn Holiday Camp brochure.  Sunnyhurst Holiday Camp c.1940s  A Torquay Hotel Leaflet from the 1950s, Miscellaneous Ephemera, a mixed bag of deckchair receipts.  Crazy Golf cards and train timetables and a collection of saucy Post Card Images.

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