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Alzheimer's Research UK - Think Brain Health

Alzheimer's Research UK launched its Think Brain Health awareness campaign in early 2021.  This positive campaign is aimed at empowering people to keep their brains healthy throughout life, to help reduce their risk of dementia.  heart health, staying sharp and keeping connected.

As part of the campaign ARUK has now put together an exciting new e-learning course which they are making available exclusively to their key supporters.

The course will provide information on dementia and how it is possible to reduce our risk of developing the condition.

It lasts for 60 minutes and is accredited by the CPD On completion, Rotarians will be rewarded with a CPD point (on the 60-min version) and will receive an official certificate to display with pride.


What is a CPD accredited course?

This course has been developed with the Royal Society for Public Health who certifies its CPD accreditation for the 60-minute version.  CPD means 'Continued Professional Development' and is a form of qualification where points are awarded to recognise a high standard of learning and engagement.

How can Rotarians take part?

As supporters of Alzheimer's Research UK, they have made a version of this uniquely available to Rotarians.  Contact us for details.